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Strong Do's and Don'ts

Be STRONG and do this:

        œ   Always go out with the intention of serving the retreants

o   Be welcoming (Introduce yourself)

o   Allow others to join in on the fun

o   Spend time with the retreatants when there is free time instead of with other staff members

o   Think about ways you can easily influence them (the retreatants)

œ   Always be role models

o   What does a true child of God look like?

o   Preach what teach; doing the talk and the STRONG walk

o   What does STRONG mean?

§  Lead by example

§  Showing them our mission of Sharing the Rewards of Knowing God

§  How can you play a bigger role on the retreatants’ lives during the retreat, but outside as well?

œ   Let the holy spirit guide you

o   Open and close in prayer in your small groups

o   Give the retreatants a chance to lead prayer

o   Be patient.  Do not rush a result that you may eagerly desire

o   Retreatants that are shy will open eventually if you follow what we have talked about in meetings

œ   Have fun and spread the energy     

o   Smile and do a little dance

o   Let your attitude be contagious so the retreat will be more enjoyable

o   Sing, laugh, and be crazy (about God)

o   When you are having fun, the retreatants most likely will too

œ   Actively Participate

o   Be involved in the action

o   When others see what you are doing, they will join in as well

o   Make it easier for retreatants to feel comfortable knowing that you are doing it also

o   Support your fellow STRONG members that are trying to lead an activity

œ   Ask questions

o   If not sure about what you are doing, pelase ask

o   Ask what you can do to help when you have little to do

o   Ask the retreatants how they feel today

o   Continously ask the retreatants if they are comfortable with what is being done or with something that you might say instead of assuming it will be okay

œ   Work as a team

o   In small groups, allow co-small group leader to help and get involved

o   If there is an issue or task that needs to be taken care of delegate tasks to make the situation better

o   Turn to your officers for guidance or support

o   Turn to other STRONG members if there is a need for more hands

œ   Respect the retreatants/hosts

o   Remember that we are guests and most work under the parish’s guidelines

o   Be careful with items/facilities that are not yours

o   Ask if not sure you should use it

o   Understand that retreatants also need their space/respect as well

 Be STRONG and don’t do this:

         œ   DO NOT Huddle together all the time

o   We are here for the retreatants and when we huddle up amongst ourselves we take the attention away from them

o   We can have fun, but we must include them

œ   DO NOT use inappropriate behavior/inside jokes that may uncomfortable to retreatants

o   We are college students and some of our actions may not be understood by them or even come off as good example of the message we are transmitting to them

o   Often, these jokes/behavior make cause them to feel secluded or confused

œ   DO NOT correct or challenge other STRONG members in the presence of retreatants

o   It is often more wise to address the error later and away from the retreatants or hint to the other STRONG member or retreatant they “this should be tried”

o   STRONG member does not appear less knowledgble and retreatants do not lose respect for any individual

o   Conflicts should always be handled away from the retreats NO MATTER WHAT

o   Take care of it OUTSIDE or talk to Bailey/Elaine


o   We prefer NOT to have any NEGATIVE energy around retreatants

o   It creates a bad environment and often has a heavy effect on the outcome of the retreat

o   We do understand things do happen that cause these attitude changes, but remember if something is seriously bothering you take it elsewhere or talk to Bailey/Elaine

o   Our main priority is the retreats before any personal/team problems