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Welcome Retreat 2016...
Applications are NOW open for incoming freshmen and transfer students! 

New student?  The 2016 Welcome Retreat Retreatant Application is now CLOSED.

Already a member of the UCC? The 2016 Welcome Retreat Staff Application is now CLOSED. 

Welcome Retreat 2015

Are you interested in learning more about the University Catholic Center?  Are you a new student (a.k.a. a freshman or transfer student)?  Are you looking for fun, foods, faith, and friendship?  Then Welcome Retreat 2016 is for you! 

Every year, the University Catholic Center hosts its annual Welcome Retreat, which is designed to help foster a welcoming environment to any and all new students. We play games, eat great food, mingle, pray, discern, learn about the UCC, and many other things!  

Welcome Retreat is Friday, September 2nd at 5 p.m. until Saturday, September 3rd at 1 p.m.  

If you're a NEW or TRANSFER student and would like to register for Welcome Retreat, please click on the Retreatant Application above and fill out the necessary information. When the retreat gets closer, we'll give you a call and an email to remind you and confirm that you're still going on the retreat.

If you are already a UCC member please fill out the Staff Application above to help us put on this wonderful retreat!

If you have any questions, please email the STRONG retreat team at We look forward to seeing you all around the UCC!

Hook 'em and God bless Texas!!!