Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a retreat cost?
A: We operate on a donation basis. A typical donation varies between $100-300. 

Q: Who is in STRONG?
A: STRONG is made up of college students in undergraduate and graduate school. We come from a variety of backgrounds, study many different academic areas, and all have a passion for sharing God's love with youth.

Q: Are you all EIM certified?
A: Absolutely. We keep an up to date database of members' certifications and verify before every retreat that each individual is EIM certified.

Q: What do I, the youth minister, need to do on the retreat?
A: Sit back and relax. STRONG does nearly all of the planning and facilitating. Youth Ministers typically help keep the groups engaged or disciplined as well as communicate regularly with the retreat leaders about facility needs, such as lights, air conditioner, well-stocked bathrooms, etc. Also, because STRONG does not provide food, Youth Ministers coordinate the ordering or preparing of meals for the retreatants and staffers.

Q: How many chaperones do I need?
A: First, there needs to be enough adult supervision that if there is a discipline problem an adult can sit with that youth and supervise them. Second, for overnight retreats, there should be enough chaperones to supervise retreatants overnight. STRONG is not responsible for chaperoning overnight retreats.

Q: What happens on a typical retreat?
A: Each retreat is thoughtfully planned around a theme relevant to the youth group being served. We do small group bonding, give and listen to talks, put on skits, sing praise and worship, go to Mass, put on prayer stations, play games, do team building activities, facilitate Bible readings and reflections, and lots of other fun, faith-filled activities.

Q: When and how can I sign up?
A: STRONG typically puts on 5-6 retreats a year. Booking typically occurs during the summer before the upcoming school year. Once our calendar is full, we put parishes on a wait-list to contact in the case of cancellations. Otherwise, the next year's leadership will contact wait-listed parishes. Any time of the year, please feel free to contact us! To SIGN UP,  fill out a Retreat Request Form (under the "Contact STRONG" tab) and contact STRONG by email or phone if you have any other questions. From there we can determine availability once you have filled out a form. Next, we ask that you fill out a retreat contract, ensuring interest and support in making the retreat come to life. Cancellations, especially last minute ones, are very detrimental to this group of busy college students whose time and energy cannot be refunded. In the case of a necessary cancellation, the contract outlines procedures.

Q: Is STRONG really as awesome as they appear?
A: Thank you for asking! Quite frankly, yes. We are awesome because HE is awesome.